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Got $10k to burn? Ultra-rare Piet Mondrian-esque Apple laptop is up for grabs on eBay

Wed, 04/14/2021 - 11:02
Colourful PowerBook 170 was a one-off for Japanese women's golf tournament

Another piece of Apple history has been put on the block, this time it's the turn of a weird - and in some eyes, possibly wonderful - limited edition of the PowerBook 170.…

Spy agency GCHQ told me Gmail's more secure than Microsoft 365, insists British MP as facepalming security bods tell him to zip it

Wed, 04/14/2021 - 10:16
Keep using the provided tools, NCSC says

Conservative MP Tom Tugendhat has publicly claimed GCHQ sources told him Gmail was more secure than Parliament’s own Microsoft Office 365 deployment – but both Parliament and a GCHQ offshoot have told him to stop being silly.…

Telecoms Diversification Task Force urges UK government to give smaller hardware vendors a bigger slice of the 5G pie

Wed, 04/14/2021 - 09:30
Filling the void left by Huawei

Smaller telco kit makers should provide 25 per cent of the equipment used in Britain's 5G networks following the removal of Huawei, according to the recently formed Telecoms Diversification Task Force.…

OVH services still not fully restored as boss rates ongoing recovery efforts a 'real nightmare'

Wed, 04/14/2021 - 08:58
'A huge Tetris' as biz struggles prepping kit for relocation under renewed COVID lockdown

OVH is yet to bring all customers affected by its Strasbourg data center fire back online – and the French cloud operator's CFO has described ongoing restoration efforts as a "real nightmare."…

Neural networks give astronomers huge boost in identifying galaxies: 27 million done, 600 million to come

Wed, 04/14/2021 - 08:27
AI algorithms in large-scale astronomy are mandatory, study says

A neural network has helped astronomers catalog a whopping 27 million galaxies collected from one of the largest astronomical surveys probing the mysterious nature of dark energy.…

Grab, the superapp that made Uber quit Southeast Asia, to go public through controversial 'SPAC'

Wed, 04/14/2021 - 08:01
Ride-sharing, food-delivering, payment-processing, home-insuring and money-lending org thanks COVID for pumping up its financials

Singaporean superapp Grab announced yesterday that it plans to go public in the United States – through a $39.6bn merger with a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC).…

China requires ‘self-correction’ of monopolistic behaviour by 34 local web giants

Wed, 04/14/2021 - 07:02
Alibaba was just the beginning, says regulator, as it forbids western web titans' favourite bullying behaviours

China’s State Administration for Market Regulation has warned 34 local web “platforms” to make sure they comply with local laws, and take care not to adopt western startups' aggressive tactics, or they may suffer the same kind of smackdowns recently inflicted on Alibaba.…

TCS added just seven customers in FY21, but 40,000 staff, as revenue and profit flattened

Wed, 04/14/2021 - 06:01
Services giant is learning to live with repeated sprints rather than mega-deals

Tata Consultancy Services won just seven new customers in FY 2021 and went backwards on revenue and profit.…

COVID-19 kicks 3 twice: Robs operator of roaming revenue, sends data use soaring

Wed, 04/14/2021 - 04:58
Many European customers flee, Asia signs up in big numbers

Hong Kong-based CK Hutchison, operator of the '3' mobile brand, has told investors that COVID-19 cut its revenues by eight per cent and profits by 21 per cent, but it also found bright spots of business around the world.…

FBI deletes hundreds of web shells from people's compromised Exchange servers without telling admins

Wed, 04/14/2021 - 03:26
Remote-control malware wiped, Microsoft software must still be patched

The FBI deleted web shells installed by criminals on hundreds of Microsoft Exchange servers across the United States, it was revealed on Tuesday.…

Google Sites blight: Over 100,000 web pages for business form searches overrun with backdoor RATs

Wed, 04/14/2021 - 02:22
eSentire warns of remote-access trojans masquerading as PDFs

More than 100,000 web pages hosted by Google Sites are being used to trick netizens into opening business documents booby-trapped with a remote-access trojan (RAT) that takes over victims' PCs and hands control to miscreants.…

Journalists wanted: News reporter and copy editor

Wed, 04/14/2021 - 00:15
Want to write for El Reg or help us polish our output? Apply within

Job alert  The Register has a couple of vacancies open on our editorial team that we would like to fill immediately. Without further ado, here are the details:…

After years of dragging its feet, FCC finally starts tackling America's robocall scourge

Tue, 04/13/2021 - 23:34
New law implementation, cease-and-desist letters, and mobile companies asked to detail free blocking tools

The FCC is finally taking concrete action on the scourge of robocalls after years of dithering on the issue.…

Who'd have thought the US senator who fist pumped Jan 6 insurrectionists would propose totally unworkable anti-Big Tech law?

Tue, 04/13/2021 - 22:44
This one seems as well thought-out as his Capitol rally salute

US Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) has proposed his latest anti-Big Tech legislation: a complete ban on mergers and acquisitions for companies valued at over $100bn if it may harm competition in any way possible.…

1Password targets developers with Secrets Automation, acquisition of SecretHub

Tue, 04/13/2021 - 21:53
Existing users covered until 2022

Password specialist 1Password has acquired SecretHub, a secrets management platform aimed at IT engineers, and made a new service called Secrets Automation, previously in beta, generally available.…

NSA helps out Microsoft with critical Exchange Server vulnerability disclosures in an April shower of patches

Tue, 04/13/2021 - 20:47
114 fixes for the Windows world – with SAP and Adobe joining in as usual

Patch Tuesday  April showers bring hours of patches as Microsoft delivers its Patch Tuesday fun-fest consisting of over a hundred CVEs, including four Exchange Server vulnerabilities reported to the company by the US National Security Agency (NSA).…

What's Red and scale-y and shacked up with NEC? A new Red Hat network function virtualization solution, apparently

Tue, 04/13/2021 - 20:01
Living on the Edge as SA networks roll out

The move to 5G has allowed vendors and carriers to fundamentally rethink how their networks are structured. Once the norm, tightly integrated vendor-specific hardware is gradually being supplanted by virtualized alternatives that run happily on standards-agnostic kit. Jumping on the bandwagon is Japanese provider NEC, which today said it would use RedHat's OpenShift Kubernetes platform for its upcoming 5G hardware.…

Cracked copies of Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop steal your session cookies, browser history, crypto-coins

Tue, 04/13/2021 - 18:12
It's like the 2000s all over again, sighs Bitdefender

Cracked copies of Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop are stealing browser session cookies and Monero cryptocurrency wallets from tightwads who install the pirated software, Bitdefender has warned.…

Microsoft's Surface Laptop 4 now includes AMD options for biz customers, boasts up to 19 hours of battery life

Tue, 04/13/2021 - 17:15
Surface Headphones 2+ also available and a range of 'Modern' kit coming in the next few months

Microsoft has opened the order books on the fourth generation of its Surface Laptop, replete with Intel-baiting AMD chippery in the line-up.…

You know what? Fork this: AWS renames its take on Elasticsearch to OpenSearch following trademark fight

Tue, 04/13/2021 - 16:29
Beta expected in a matter of weeks, production release planned for summer

AWS has introduced the OpenSearch project, the new name for its open-source fork of Elasticsearch and Kibana.…